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Password generator

With the responsive (compatible with mobiles and tablets) generator, you can obtain a random and secured password. Choose the types of characters to include (all the websites doesn't support special characters), the length (longer the password is, more difficult to crack it is), then click on the Generate button. You can get in touch using the contact form.

You can define the length and the passwords number in the URL with the following parameters : c (number of passwords) et l (length) to predefine in your links or bookmarks (https://www.password-generator.eu.org/?c=5&l=20). The parameters affected to characters types are specified thereafter in square brackets (you juste have to add them in the URL with no value).

Types of characters to use
Uppercases    Lowercases    Numbers    Usual special characters (/\@#&$!?+=%*)    Punctuation ('.:;,)    Others special characters (|-_()[]{}~)    Ignore similar characters (IlO01)    
Password length : (Characters number limit: 50) Number of passwords : (Passwords number limit: 15)

Click to Generate button to obtain random passwords